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Choosing the Right Carrier

How do you decide which carrier is the right one for your company to use? There are a number of key indicators that you will have to run through before deciding on your permanent business phone service provider. Here are some helpful checks to keep you looking at the right companies.

  • Customer service: One of the main issues that businesses have when they choose their business phone service provider, is that the staff aren’t helpful enough to support your business implementation and phone management. Always test a company’s customer service lines to see if they are any good.

  • Compare features: Your business has specific needs. If you explain your needs to the carrier and they cannot suggest a unified communications infrastructure that works, perhaps they are not any use to you. Your phone company must give you the features you require for success. Compare the main services of each company.

  • Compare pricing: Pricing can tell you a lot about a carrier company. Going with a slightly less expensive carrier can be disastrous, if they are not well-established or widely-used. Only compare the pricing structures of highly reputable and long-standing carrier companies.

  • Network speed and quality: If you are going to be using VoIP services, make sure that the actual NETWORK functions as advertised. A quality network will not drop your calls, have low quality sound or give you less data than laid out in your agreement. Wireless speeds and network capabilities need to be tested and checked.

  • Traffic shaping: A common problem with carriers is that they sell you services and then shape your line speeds. If they shape your lines too much, it will have terrible consequences for your voice calls and data transfers.

  • Check on the hardware: Your carrier should provide you with a wide range of hardware and software choices. Whether they are analog or digital, you will need to assess which company has the best software and hardware overall for your business.

Choosing a reliable phone service provider is really about comparisons, testing and ensuring that they live up to their side of the bargain. You might find that after four months of using a ‘great’ service, suddenly your line speeds drop, or your call quality deteriorates. If this happens, get on the phone and make sure they know that you are not getting the services that you are paying for.