Maintenance Agreement

Why should your business have a Telephone System Maintenance & Service Contract?

A telephone system maintenance & service contract is a great way to protect your business from down time, unexpected expenses, and makes sure your phone system is always up to date and running it’s best.  Teleco has been providing telephone system service contracts through the New York and New Jersey metro area for over 36 years.  Since 1978, we have provided our clients with the best service around.   Call today for a free, fast quote right over the phone.  All we need to know is how many phones you have! 855-5-Teleco or email

What’s included in the Service & Maintenance Agreement?

A telephone system service agreement starts off by guaranteeing you 4 hour emergency service.  This ensures that one of our local highly trained technicians will be at your door right away.  We never use sub contractors, so you know that we’ll be there on time with all the parts needed to get your system back up and running.  

Another benefit is cost management.  You never pay for any repairs.  All parts and labor are 100% covered with no limits, no deductibles, and no co-payments.  This lets you budget all of your telephone system expenses for the year without any surprises costs.  Best of all, the cost of a telephone system service agreement is very affordable and your price can be locked in for 5 years or more so you won’t even see a price increase.

As an added bonus, a telephone system maintenance service contract from Teleco also covers you for software upgrades, complete system reprogramming, system administration, tech support and priority scheduling for non repair issues.  Software upgrades are critical to maintaining your telephone system’s security, functionality, and serviceability.  New software upgrades come out regularly and fix bugs and add new features.  Keeping current is vital to your phone system.

Free reprogramming means as your needs change and grow, you won’t have to pay to add features, move desks around, change what phones ring, or redo your voice mail greetings.  Teleco will take care of all of that at no extra charge, just for being one of our valuable clients with a phone system service contract.

System administration and tech support are other valuable add ons Teleco gives you at no extra charge.  Most small businesses don’t have an IT staff to administrate their telephone system. Small things like resetting passwords, changing names on displays, or removing old employees from directories might cost you money with other vendors.  But Teleco does that and a lot more for you for free when you have a telephone system maintenance contract.  Teleco also has included tech support to help you with any features you need assistance with such as conference calling, checking voice mail from the road, setting speed dials, or forwarding your office phone to your cell.

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