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Teleco Business Telephone Systems has been a leading commercial telephone system installation company in New York and New Jersey since 1978.

Cloud Based telephone systems, sometimes called VoIP telephone system, are very popular and common today.

Premise based telephone systems, often called PBXs or digital telephone systems, have been around for decades. 

What’s special about the Hybrid Solution?  It takes the best of both worlds and combines them into a seamless solution.

About Teleco Business Telephone Systems

Teleco Business Telephone Systems has been a leading commercial telephone system installation company in New York and New Jersey since 1978. If you need VoIP phone system installation and maintenance that are comprehensive and unsurpassed, then you can count on us for all of your business telephone systems needs. 

Whether you need telephone system repair company for your existing phone system, VoIP phone system installation services for extended features, internet solutions, or powerful capabilities to keep your business up to date with the latest telephone technology, we can get the job done easily, effectively, efficiently, and affordably. Teleco installs and supports the most popular NEC and Toshiba telephone systems.

Industry Sectors

The NEC SL2100 is the ideal telephone system for businesses that need between 4 and 60+ phones.
NEC offers the SV9100 in two variations to meet the needs of the smallest businesses to those with almost a thousand employees.
NEC’s UNIVERGE® SV9300 is the unified communications solution of choice for SMBs that don’t want to be left behind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wiring & Network Cabling

Yes, all phone lines are universally compatible.

Generally no, a new phone system will work on your existing wiring.


Absolutely! You can even have the voicemail system menu setup in multiple languages to support your multilingual staff.  The NEC SL2100 offers system menu prompts in US English, UK English, Australian English, French Canadian, Dutch, Mexican Spanish, Latin American Spanish, Italian, German, Madrid Spanish, Norwegian, Parisian Franch, Brazillian Portuguese, Japanese, Madarin, Koren, Iberian Portuguese, Greek, Danish, Sweedish, Thai, Taiwan, Flemist, Turkish, Arabic, and Russian.

Yes, you can easily record a new main company voicemail greeting or toggle to a prerecorded message from inside or outside the office. That makes it easy to change your main greeting when you close your office for bad weather.  For Example, the NEC SL9100 allows specific users to be designated as administrators and they can change the main system greeting from their mailboxes.

Yes, with voicemail to email, every voice message you receive is automatically sent to your email as an attachment for easy storage, forwarding, and back up.

Yes, most voicemail systems let you store more than one outgoing message. For instance, the NEC SL2100 voicemail system lets you store 3 outgoing messages and easily toggle between them.

Yes, all Teleco supported voicemail systems can be accessed from any touch tone phone and changing your outgoing greeting is easy. On the NEC SV9100, you can change your greeting by pressing as few as 2 buttons.

Yes, all  of the telephone systems that we install, configure and maintain have that ability. For example, on the NEC 2100 telephone system, you just press # and your extension number to log into your mailbox from outside.  For security purposes, you must have a password set in your mailbox to access it from the outside.

All of the systems we sell & support also have the option of getting your voice mails sent to your email address.

Texting Service

Your data is stored on our secure servers. Your data is yours, and we don’t sell, share, lease, or do anything else with it.

Carrier guidelines say you must include the following information:
Message and data rates may apply
Frequency you expect to send (for example, 2 messages per month.
Opt out instructions (which Teleco’s texting service already includes at the bottom of every message sent).

It depends on how big your distribution list is. Our delivery rate is about 15 messages per second.

No, as long as you are in compliance with our anti-spam policy. Good taste and customer experience dictate how often is the right amount to communicate your message.

Yes we do. People use Teleco’s texting service in the most innovative ways, including running their loyalty card management program through us. Contact us for details. Teleco’s texting service is simple to integrate.

Of course! The cornerstone of Teleco’s texting service is to be able to reach customers in a personal way, and allow you to communicate with them 1 on 1 when you wish to do so.

Teleco handles that for you! While we are only required to opt people out if they respond with STOP, END, QUIT, or CANCEL, Teleco’s texting service recognizes hundreds of words and phrases from customers that will opt them out as well. Our vigilance in compliance is paramount to your success!

In our “text enable your business phone” offering, yes. In our mass text value priced service, you cannot as of this time, although we plan to be able to offer it soon.

Once you fill out your new account request and select the plan you like, we can get you up and running in a few minutes.

Yes, however those subscribers have to have specifically opted in to receive text message communication from you.

Phone Systems

Click here to contact us about obtaining the software.

Yes, we sell both internet based and standard wire line based telephone systems.

No problem, all phone systems can be easily moved.  We can even help you keep your phone number, even if you move out of area code.

Yes, all the telephone systems that Teleco Business Telephone System sells offer several cordless/wireless options.

Yes, all phone systems can grow.  The smallest system we carry starts out at 3 phones and grow modularly to 72 phones.

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