Toshiba CIX

The Toshiba CIX  is the perfect telephone system for businesses that need between 4 and 300 phones and Teleco is the perfect company to provide and install it for your business.  Teleco has been in business since 1978.  Teleco never uses sub contractors.  All Toshiba CIX installations are done by our own in house, local factory certified technicians.  Whether you need an Toshiba CIX 40, CIX 100, or the largest CIX 670, Teleco can provide installation and service though out NY and NJ.  Don’t buy from some internet company across the country that will just ship you boxes.  Buy from a local business that has been helping companies across New York and New Jersey for over 36 years.  You can count on Teleco when you need on site service and support.  We’re local just like you.

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  • DP5130 view 01 - Toshiba CIXCIX-670 – supports up to 672 ports for users requiring 30 to 560 telephones.
  • CIX-100 – supports up to 112 ports for users requiring 8 to 72 telephones.
  • CIX-40 – supports up to 16 digital phones, 11 outside lines with free Caller ID, 24 VoIP phones, and two analog ports.
  • CTX-28 (discontinued) – supports up to 16 ports, six outside lines with free Caller ID, and two analog station ports.

Whether you need a basic reliable business telephone system or a sophisticated high end telephone system with advanced capabilities, like VoIP, SIP, DID, and ACD, the Toshiba CIX line of digital VoIP hybrid telephone systems will work for you. Toshiba provides your business with the flexibility you need from a telephone system. The Toshiba CIX can easily adapt to your changing and growing needs. The Strata CIX  telephone system is specifically designed to provide the exact telecommunication features your business requires today, and as it grows in the future. Starting at 3 phones and growing to over 500, the Strata CIX is the ultimate cost-effective telecommunication solution to give you the investment protection you need.

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Selection of Telephones For Every Application

  • Available in charcoal gray or ash white color to match your office decor.
  • A variety of 10-, 14-, and 20-button speakerphones with or without LCD models are available, some with back-lit displays and keypads.
  • Digital and analog single line telephones
  • Two 900 MHz digital cordless telephone models meet your needs for mobility within the office.
  • There are 10-Button & 20-button add-on modules, 10 button desi-less add on modules, and a 60-button receptionist console that are ideal for small/medium volume answering requirements.

The Strata CIX Attendant Console is the most effective solution for specialized high-volume call answering. User-friendly Windows interface and streamlined functions make high-volume call answering faster, easier, and more efficient.

  • All phones can be wall mounted and have multi-position tilt stands.
  • All phones have built in headset jacks.

Award Winning VoIP Technology Built In

VoIP phones come in both 10 and 20 button sizes.  They can connect workers across your LAN or WAN or anywhere there is an internet connection.
Wireless IP telephone the delivers all the capabilities of Toshiba’s CIX desk IP phone while being entirely mobile over your entire 802.11 Wi-Fi network,
Soft phones can even connect you on your laptop or desktop. Toshiba supports proprietary multiline soft phones or generic SIP softphones like X-Lite.
Access to all features including intercom, off-hook call announce, paging, and more.

Full duplex speakerphones

Toshiba Mobility can offer more than just savings

The Toshiba Strata® CIX IP communication system helps you keep your customers connected and employee productivity at its peak.

This versatile system supports many types of mobility endpoints and devices, including SoftIPT soft phone for notebook computers and PDAs, wireless IP telephones, and cordless telephones.

Cordless Telephones; Stay Fully Productive While On The Go!

  • Share the same station port and extension number with your desk phone
  • Provides most functions of a Toshiba digital desk phone
  • LCD displays Caller ID and concise feature-operation instructions
  • Switch between your cordless and digital desk phone even during a call!
  • Advanced DECT wireless technology provides significantly longer range and better connection quality than conventional cordless phones
  • Never miss a call again.

CIX Features

Features That Improve Your Business

LCD Feature Prompting with Soft Key Operation:

Provides easy-to-follow instructions and eliminates need for station users to remember access codes or operational sequences for commonly used features.
E-mail Integration: Get a copy of your voice mail sent to your email or even your cell phone.

User Programmable Feature Buttons:

Users can program their own buttons to automatically perform a sequence of feature operations at the touch of just one button.

Auto Busy Redial:

Allows station users to automatically have their telephone redial a busy outside number.

Modular Growth and Expansion:

Allows system expansion in a building-block process. You simply add features and components as needed and telephones are compatible throughout the entire CIX product line.

Least Cost Routing:

Directs each outgoing call using the least costly line or common carrier connected to your telephone system, reducing the cost of long distance calls.
Toll Restriction: Enables you to control employee access to long-distance calling. You can limit designated station users to making only toll calls that are necessary for their job performance.

Battery Backup:

The Strata CIX power supply is standard-equipped with a battery charger and the batteries continuously trickle charge optional back up batteries to capacity while electrical power is present.

Direct Inward Dialing (DID):

Routes incoming calls directly to specific stations without going through a receptionist or an automated attendant.

Multiple Directory Numbers: 

Extension numbers can appear on multiple telephones and individual telephones can have multiple station extension numbers, maximizing call coverage flexibility.

Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS):

Route incoming calls exactly where you want them to go according to the number dialed. LCD display information identifies the type of call and the number dialed.

Caller ID:

Displays the caller’s name, telephone number, and customer profile from your database (with CTI applications). You won’t miss important call information even if you can’t answer the call and the caller doesn’t leave a voice mail message. You can even use speed dial to return calls from the call history list.
Off-Hook Call Announce: Ensures that employees receive important telephone calls by allowing the intercom to call a busy station user. Call announcements can go through the handset or the telephone speaker.

Features That Provide Efficient System Administration

Easy System Programming:

CTX WinAdmin and CIX Network eManger software runs on your PC or Laptop, making system programming and administration fast and easy. CTX WinAdmin and CIX Network eManager provides full programming for technicians and system administrator level programming for end users.

Remote Maintenance:

Allows off-site service personnel to alter system programming and test

SmartMedia Card:

This is a removable memory card that is commercially available in retail stores. It is the same as SmartMedia cards used in digital cameras, MP3 players, etc. The Strata CIX uses the SmartMedia card to store all error and trace logs, the system operating software, and the customer database. The SmartMedia card is inserted into a socket on the CIX processor. The CIX processor creates and labels files onto the card for all maintenance functions. These files can be moved, copied, or e-mailed using PCs equipped with a SmartMedia card adapter.

System Fault Finding and Alarm Indication:

Visual Alarms Let your system administrator or attendant console operator know when the system experiences a malfunction. These conditions can be detected, alerted, logged, and traced. Strata CIX includes many useful diagnostic tools:

  • The system can automatically correct certain conditions detected during operation. This enables the system to continue operating normally without requiring immediate correction.
  • Backup/Restore: The customer database can be backed up and restored using the SmartMedia card. The customer database is a file that can be stored on the SmartMedia card, transferred to the PC hard drive, e-mailed, etc.
  • Maintenance and Administration via LAN: CTX WinAdmin and CIX eManager can be connected to the Strata CIX telephone system via your local area network (LAN) as well as remotely via modem over the public telephone network.
  • All Toshiba Strata CIX telephone systems can be upgraded using the SmartMedia card or via upload from a remote location. The operating software is a file that can be stored on the SmartMedia card, transferred to the PC hard drive, e-mailed, etc.  No hardware is required and best of all Toshiba provides upgrades for their telephone systems for free.

Toshiba’s Contact Center Solutions

A contact center doesn’t have to be complex to be powerful, and Toshiba’s Strata® CIX™ is simplicity at its finest. Running as an application on the Strata Media Application Server, a robust array of Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) features makes it easy to manage inbound calls, optimize contact center operations, and increase customer satisfaction.

Toshiba Call Center Solutions Overview

A well-managed contact center can serve customers quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively, providing an important competitive advantage to a business of any size.

Toshiba enhances call center operations in several important ways:

  • Efficient call handling
  • Faster response to callers
  • More efficient handling of peak hours traffic
  • Effective back-up coverage
  • Increased agent productivity
  • Simplified staffing requirements
  • Increased management control
  • Grows with your business to protect your investment

Call Center Applications

Automatic Call Distribution

Toshiba’s Strata Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) ensures that calls are handled quickly and efficiently. The system runs as an application on the Strata Media Application Server (MAS), along with call reporting software Insight or Taske, Strata Call Manager, voice mail, and other value-added Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) applications. Strata ACD boasts many sophisticated capabilities, including:

  • Advanced Call Routing directs calls based on Caller ID, account numbers, private lists, balanced call count, preferred agent treatment, agent priority, time-of-day, day-of-week, day-of-year, and user-entered data.
  • Skills-Based Routing sends calls to the right person to handle the call.
  • Priority Queuing enables you to answer higher priority calls sooner.
  • Multiple Group Agent Log-in provides important call coverage between groups and tiered service levels.
  • Agent Priority Routing gives you the ability to send the right call to the right agent.
    Intelligent Announcements play pre-recorded messages and inform holding callers of their place in the queue or estimated time before answer, as well as offering alternative actions like going to voice mail or invoking a call back reservation.
  • IVR Voice Assistant gathers and validates caller input, triggers responses, alerts agents and supervisors when the queue gets overloaded with calls, and provides many creative application opportunities.
  • Integration of your PC and your telephone enables you to manage incoming and outgoing call functions and synchronizes with your company’s operations, CRM or contact software.
  • Call recording/logging enables you to record, store, organize, search, and playback telephone calls to avoid disputes and improve the quality of training and customer service.
  • Call Center reports let supervisors analyze agent performance, call center group activity, and system status, as well as forecast future call center staffing requirements by analyzing call volume patterns.


Network Automatic Call Distribution

Network ACD applications enable multi-site contact centers to work together as one call routing system. Network ACD distributes agents over the network and routes calls to available agents on any CIX system on the network. Network ACD checks the status of agents in other nodes before routing calls to those agents. The call center reports include agents and calls over the network, and helps Net Phone support features such s Network DSS/BLF and/or Chat between users in multiple nodes.

Multimedia Web Chat and Web Callback

Even more advanced features give customers additional ways of contacting your company. Web Chat enables online customers to initiate an instant messaging chat session with a contact center agent. By providing their name and number on a website, online customers can also request a “call back”. When a representative becomes available, this Strata ACD application automatically calls the customer. Multimedia Web Callback provides better customer service, reduces hold times and helps reduce contact center operation costs.

The web callback service provides many important capabilities:

  • Routes callback requests to different ACD groups based on information entered, such as callback number, extension, name, subject, notes, etc.
  • Filters duplicate callback requests to the same callback number and extension.
  • Limits number of web callback requests in ACD queue.
  • Separates initial queue priority for web callback request.
  • Supports virtual ACD queue (no corresponding Strata CIX pilot DN).
  • Supports web callback counting similar to regular callback counting in TASKE and Insight.
  • Includes additional web callback statistics reports.
  • Strata Call Manager can show user information such as name and/or subject collected on the web page when the callback request is made to an agent.
  • Ready-made web widget provided (includes source codes for ASP.NET, JAVA, and PHP). A basic Web callback widget can be used or the widget can be customized for customer’s web server environment.
  • Most types of browsers are supported, including Mac.
  • Call Reporting Tools

With Toshiba’s call center applications, your call statistics and management reports and live monitoring displays are conveniently accessible online. View live displays and customized reports on everything from call statistics and agent performance to forecasting tools, auto reports, and more using any of several PC-based reporting solutions that are ideal for use with ACD applications.

Call Recording Tools

Call recording/logging enables you to record, store, organize, search, and playback telephone calls to avoid call disputes and improve the quality of training and customer services.


Avoid communication disputes with Tracer, a CTI enabled digital call recording/logging system. Calls are recorded from start to finish, and Tracer automatically inserts bookmarks in every recording whenever calls are transferred or put on hold. When used together with Strata Call Manager, users have the ability to start and stop recordings or insert bookmarks at important points in a call. Tracer can also help improve your business operations, including training, quality control and customer service.

Tracer Replay

Tracer Replay, included with Tracer, lets you to easily manage your call recording and retrieval functions. Replay streams the audio from wherever the recording is stored and allows searching by any collected information criteria.

Additional functionality includes:

  • End to end recording captures every second of the call, even while the caller is on hold.
  • Look-Back Recording records an entire conversation, even if the recording was started after the call began.
  • Call Monitoring allows authorized users to listen to calls live as they’re happening, whether those calls are being recorded or not.
  • Selective Recording records specific or random extensions, groups of extensions, or every extension.  Toshiba is all about flexibility to meet your needs.

Toshiba Telephone System Applications

Increase your company’s productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction with Toshiba’s Strata CIX Dgital IP hybrid telephone systems. The Strata CIX offers range of practical solutions that can enhance service, reduce abandoned or missed calls and improve knowledge across your organization.

Multi-site Networking

Toshiba’s Strata CIX IP telephone systems and Strata Net enable you to interconnect your main office with branch locations and/or remote users. Strata Net is a private networking application that combines network-based features and the features of traditional PBX systems, reducing infrastructure, capital expenditure and operating costs, and increasing productivity. Strata Net allows businesses to:

  • Extend full-featured desk phone functionality to remote users anywhere via IP telephones connected to your private intranet or the Internet.
  • Reduce costs by transmitting voice calls via the Internet or your private intranet.
  • Provide one integrated system for all your office locations by networking multiple Strata CIX systems to work together as one system.
  • Share capabilities enterprise-wide, from a single voice mail system and a centralized call center, to internal extension dialing and SMDR
  • Turn a long-distance call into a local call by “hopping off” the network as needed
  • Networking features include Centralized Voice Mail and Attendant, SMDR, and Station DSS button appearances across all nodes. Alternate Routing provides for toll bypass configurations and automatic recovery from network disruptions.

Strata Call Manager

Combine the capabilities of your computer and telephone into one powerful unified communication tool.

Call control from your PC lets you dial, answer or transfer calls, and more, using your mouse without picking up the telephone.

Toshiba’s Strata Call Manager can be used in conjunction with an IP or digital business telephone to provide desktop call control. It can also be used as a stand-alone IP soft phone, providing mobility and remote access, and synchronizes with a company’s operations, CRM, or contact software.

Use Your PC to Provide Additional Telephone Functionality

  • Drag and drop features makes call transfer, speed dialing, and other functions faster and easier
  • Incoming calls are handled as desired by events, conditions, and actions, including routing, screening, forwarding, and voice mail notification
  • Outbound dialing from any application is easy. Launch documents, applications and web pages from the Strata Call Manager interface.
  • Chat enables instant messaging communications with any user, broadcast message to multiple users, and simultaneous Chat sessions
  • Presence capabilities let users see co-worker availability and transmit information to best serve your customer through an intuitive interface
  • Preset control buttons let you dial numbers or extensions, launch applications, and view automatic screen pops of caller information
  • Call history provides a log of incoming and outgoing calls that you can print, search, sort, and redial with one click
  • Call notes follow the call wherever it’s transferred so callers don’t have to re-answer the same questions
  • ACD login/logout, supervisor functions and ACD Viewer through built-in integration with Strata
  • ACD Recording control through built-in integration with OAISYS® Tracer products.

Call Recording

Call recording and logging systems record, store, organize, and play back telephone calls, avoiding communication disputes. Recording applications also help improve the quality of your business operations, from training and quality control to customer service.

  • Cradle to Grave Recording captures every moment of the call, even while the caller is on hold.
  • Look-Back Recording records an entire conversation, even if the recording was initiated after the call began.
  • Call Monitoring allows authorized users to monitor calls as they’re happening, whether those calls are being recorded or not.
  • Selective Recording records specific or random extensions, groups of extensions, or every extension.
  • Bookmarks are automatically inserted when calls are transferred or put on hold. Particular calls or parts of calls can be easily and quickly found
  • After-Call Actions can be taken after a call, including sending an e-mail or instant text message, or launching another program.
  • Multiple Applications on a Single Platform

Available in two models, the MAS (4-32 ports) and MicroMAS (2-8 ports) are compatible with all model Strata CIX systems, providing a comprehensive and integrated solution that fits every size business and every budget.

Applications Supported on MAS and MicroMAS

  • Auto Attendant and Voice Mail
  • Unified Messaging and Fax Integration
  • Automated Speech Recognition (ASR)
  • Text-to-Speech (TTS)
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) and ACD Reporting
  • Video Communication Solution (VCS)
  • Browser-based system administration and personal administration
  • FeatureFlex® adaptability/customization tools
  • Call Manager unified communications
  • Telephone Feature Customization Using FeatureFlex

Toshiba’s FeatureFlex™ adaptability and customization tool, Strata® CIX™ IP telephone system, and Integrated Media Applications Server (MAS), let you tailor your telephone system far beyond standard options and features.

FeatureFlex lets users modify virtually any existing features and create new ones. And not just CIX call processing, but blended features that work between all system applications and resources including voice mail and CTI applications.. A simple script editor works with the Media Application Server to interpret code, process functions, and follow custom routing. Create new functions in just hours, not months or years waiting for the next software release.

For example, using the system’s built-in scripting language, an enterprise can create applications that allow them to:

  • Connect with back office systems, and allow important information, such as inventory management, to scroll across the phone or screen.
  • Connect with online sources for reference information, such as stock prices, weather temperatures, currency valuations, and more.
  • Set up call management features, such as follow-me routing that forwards calls to another number. It can also route calls from unknown callers (or any designated callers) directly into voice mail.
  • FeatureFlex also opens the door to third-party application development, enabling software developers, telecommunications dealers, VARs, and systems integrators to create customized solutions for individual vertical markets

Features That Keep Strata CIX Operating At Peak Performance

Strata CIX telephone systems include Toshiba engineering innovations that provide superior reliability compared to similar-sized systems, assuring top performance day in and day out for an average of 10 to 15 years.

Large Scale Integration (LSI) technology makes circuit design compact and efficient. More circuitry fits onto smaller circuit cards for a more compact design, minimizing AC power requirements and generating less heat. This maximizes product life and reliability.  Toshiba is industry renowned for longevity and reliability.

Strict design standards are used by Toshiba world class engineers. Components are selected only after they are thoroughly evaluated for performance in high temperatures and other severe conditions affecting reliability. Before manufacturing, all equipment undergoes a series of proprietary tests that analyze environmental, EM, electrostatic, and stress factors.

Built-in power surge protection is provided by the Strata CIX’s switching-type regulated power supply that provides line filtering and is protected by circuit breakers that can be reset. This design assures that the Strata CIX has one of the most reliable power supplies available.

Built-in gas tubes on ground and loop start CO line cards help provide secondary protection of each circuit from lightning and other power surges.

Stored program control keeps all programming, option settings, and customer database information in Random Access Memory (RAM). A lithium battery in the CPU, with a life span of at least six years, preserves RAM when AC power is unavailable. There is no volatile memory loss and no need for external memory storage components.

Since there are no moving parts, stored program control data is much safer and Strata CIX systems are much more reliable than systems using disk drives to store data. The absence of moving parts also reduces heat generation, resulting in longer life and greater reliability and lowers electrical consumption for lower cost.

New Technology Design Protects You From Obsolescence

Toshiba Strata CIX telephone systems represent state-of-the-art technology at its best. Strata CIX is designed using the latest technology, including SIP trunks and SIP stations, MEGACO VoIP multiline telephones, and automatic call distribution, to provide configuration flexibility and optimum operation.
The Strata CIX uses a high-speed 32-bit RISC processor, DRAM working memory, SRAM with lithium battery for back-up memory, and SmartMedia flash program memory.

The SmartMedia flash card stores program memory and makes it easy to download memory as well as upload program memory. Better yet, it makes future software upgrades easy without replacing memory chip hardware.

You can upgrade system features and capacity as needed. Flexible “building block” design allows upgrading and growth at minimal expense.

The system features universal slot architecture that allows you to create almost any combination of trunk lines, telephones, and peripherals.

Other systems’ “new” technology is old compared to Toshiba Strata CIX telephone systems.
Digital technology is used to balance the volume for multi-party conference calls.

The Strata CIX processor is equipped with a network connection for both local and IP administration.
Strata CIX systems supports multiline IP Telephones, SIP telephone, and Softphones
Strata CIX supports today’s high-demand trunk interfaces using VoIP, SIP, and ISDN technology.
SIP Trunking

All Toshiba CIX telephone systems support SIP trunking, even the smallest CIX-40.  Toshiba is certified to work with:

Airespring, American Broadband Services, Broadcore, Broadvox, Cbeyond, Clearfly Communications, Everest Broadband, MM Internet, Level 3, Line Systems, New Global Telecom, Newroads Telecom, NextLevel Internet, Saddleback Communications, Select Connect Communications, Smart Choice, SoTel Systems, TelePacidic Communications, Twist Networks, Vinculum Communications, XO Communications, and Xchange,

More SIP trunking partners are being certified every month, so even if your SIP carrier isn’t listed here, it may be certified.  Non certified carriers may still be compatible, but since SIP trunking is a very new technology and is not a completely standard protocol, it is best to use a certified carrier.

For information on Toshiba’s discontinued Strata DK model line please click here.  For a complete list of Toshiba parts please click here.