SIP Trunking

sip trunk resized 600 - SIP TrunkingDo you want to harness the power and cost savings of the Internet for your phone service?  If so, SIP Trunking may be for you.  SIP Trunking offers many benefits over traditional telephone line service.

  • SIP Trunking can save you 50% or more over traditional phone lines.  You can get SIP Trunks with unlimited calling, unlimited local calling, or metered calling to maximize your savings.  You can even mix and match.
  • SIP Trunking offers advanced features such as direct dial phone number and advanced caller ID functionality.
  • You do not need to replace your existing phone system to use SIP Trunks
  • SIP Trunking can be combined with traditional land line phone service for redundancy in case your Internet service goes down.  You can’t do that with a Hosted or Cloud Based phone system.
  • SIP Trunking can easily be ramped up to add more lines when needed.  This can be especially valuable for seasonal businesses.
  • SIP Trunking allows you to easily have out of area code phone numbers.
  • SIP Trunking makes moving a breeze since your phone numbers are not tied to your physical location like land lines.
  • You can use SIP Trunks with any phone system.
  • There is very little or even no upfront cost to switch to SIP Trunks
  • You never have to change phone numbers with SIP Trunks.
  • SIP Trunking offers an easy disaster recovery solution

Call Teleco today to find out if SIP Trunking is right for your business and for a free phone bill analysis to see exactly how much you would save.

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