Texting Service

Do you know that 98% of text messages get read?

Do you want to be able to text using your main number instead of giving out your personal cell phone number?

Teleco can text enable any phone number, even a toll free number.  Send and receive SMS text messages or MMS picture messages with your office number.  You can even get texts sent to your email inbox.  

You can even enable multiple employees to respond from your dashboard.

Click the Tap to Text button below for a quick demonstration.

From scheduling messages to auto replying to keywords, Teleco provides you with a robust set of features to help you reach your customers the way they want to communicate, by text.

Features include:

Auto Responders

Create automated responses to customers when they text with certain keywords. This is great for adding new clients or customers, assigning them to one or more groups. This allows for more targeted communication going forward in your campaigns.

Create Surveys

Create surveys using our auto responder tool. Customer responses can be seen in your inbox. Incentivize your customers by offering coupons or discounts.

Incoming Message Dashboard

When you text people, they text you back! Your dashboard gives you an easy way to see who is responding to your messages. You can continue a 1 on 1 dialogue, building more personal relationships with customers.

User Groups

Organize your client groups anyway you like. With Teleco’s texting service, you can create unlimited groups.

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texting service - Texting Service

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