NEC SV8300

The UNIVERGE SV8300 Communications Server is a powerful enterprise communications solution that is reliable, scalable and energy-efficient. It is an advanced application server that supports voice, unified communications and mobility solutions, and is designed to easily and efficiently scale to meet the needs of growing businesses.

As a member of the SV8000 family of pure IP systems, the SV8300 offers medium-size businesses the latest presence, softphone, and file sharing technology while providing the capacity to expand up to 1,500 stations. The SV8300’s IP and SIP support enables businesses to expand their communications globally.

The SV8300 unifies the enterprise through the high-efficiency technology that businesses require. It offers an extensive IP feature set including support for mobile/remote workers in a flexible, secure, environmentally-friendly package. The SV8300 is the ideal IP communications server for businesses wishing to compete on a higher level and grow over time.

The advanced unified communications support that the SV8300 provides, exemplifies and supports NEC’s belief that an employee’s role should define the technology used to communicate. By tailoring communications to the role, information is turned into knowledge, which enables employees to make informed decisions faster. As a result, businesses become more efficient, responsive and productive.