What is a Cloud Based Telephone System?

A cloud based telephone system is hosted, much like VoIP PBX systems are. This particular system is also called an ‘Internet phone system’ as it is permanently connected to the Internet. In business, few modern systems are as cost-effective or multifunctional as a cloud based telephone system.

The data that is used in the system is stored on a secure server that is accessible online. This means that you can access your business telephone information anywhere, and it will never get lost due to power outages or equipment failures.

What Is a Cloud Based System?

A hosted cloud based telephone system is ideal for small to medium sized businesses. It gives you all the benefits of a large scale business communications system on a small business budget.

These systems are replacing the PBX phone systems for smaller companies, and they are far simpler in many ways. No thick manual is required to learn how to use the system, and there aren’t dozens of wires that need to be run all around your office.

Cloud based systems allow big businesses to save money, and they provide an affordable option for smaller businesses that do not have the time or money to spend on complex telephone solutions.

These systems put users in control, as they have just as many adaptable features as hosted PBX systems—only without the wiring, additional costs, and need for employee training. Cloud based systems give smaller businesses access to automatic receptionists, voicemail boxes, call transfers, smart call routing, and easy-to-use extension structures.

On the whole, these systems do a lot to improve the business image of the company, and with the collective features, productivity nearly always improves. As a business, you can choose which features you need on a selective basis.

These hosted cloud based systems are leading the way in modern telecommunications. Even though phone costs are on the rise, it’s great to know that there are alternative solutions for businesses with a limited budget. For a scalable, flexible telephone system that is also simple to operate, your business should consider getting a hosted cloud based system.