Teleco Business Telephone Systems, with headquarters in Cedar Grove, NJ, has been a leading commercial phone system installation company in New Jersey since 1978. If you need VoIP phone system installation, network cabling and maintenance that are comprehensive and unsurpassed, then you can count on us for all of your business’s phone system and internet needs.

Whether you need telephone system repair services for your existing phone system, VoIP phone system installation services for extended features, internet solutions, or powerful capabilities to keep your business up to date with the latest phone technology, we can get the job done easily, effectively, efficiently, and affordably.

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Ashley Diaz
17:50 22 Oct 15
I have been using Teleco services for about 5 years now. I have to say they are a breath of fresh air to work with! The amount of dedication, the knowledge, the quick response, and the nice people make this the only company I wanted to deal with when I was to look for a new phone system for the company I am now with. Even now, 2+ years since the complete revamping of our phone system, I can drop Andy an email about a product or a service need and he responds within minutes! They are the only phone company I ever wish to do business with. Thanks guys!
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Bruce Schreiber
00:14 14 Jan 16
We contacted Telco to discuss alternatives for our business. They gave us a clear presentation of our alternatives, presented a concise proposal, and worked with us to coordinate the implementation. Our conversion went off smoothly with no telephone downtime. They arrived on time, as scheduled and were wonderful to work with. The new phone system is great and we are a very satisfied customer.
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Paul Feldman
17:54 08 Aug 16
Called them for a minor problem and they were in my office within an hour. Fixed the problem quickly and inexpensively. Great job.
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Tom Smith
16:47 04 Feb 16
My company got a new phone system and I love it. It's easy to use and the techs were great during the installation.
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Frank De Raffele
12:45 05 Aug 15
We had a full phone system installed. They came when they said, did exactly what they said they would and there was no change in price. A very professional team. They were referred to us and I would refer them out as well. If you are looking for a quality phone system at a very fair price, I highly recommend them.
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Action Collection
16:28 29 Jan 18
Great Service from Teleco! We have been using them for over 10 years & have been extremely happy with our phones and service. We recently upgraded to VoIP phones and it was an extremely smooth transition! Highly recommend Teleco & Andy, Jimmy & Kevin!
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Stephanie Mazzola
21:14 27 Mar 14
From the first time I worked with Andrew at Teleco, he really "got" what we wanted in a phone system. The technicians were really great and made wonderful suggestions. The customer service and turnaround time is more than I could want and feel very comfortable and "trust" working with them. They have not steered me wrong once.
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Steven Cicchino
14:10 15 Jan 19
Great install and service. Very professional and responsive. Been a customer for 10+ years. If you what a trouble free phone system, Teleco is the company to use.
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Colleen Lepes
21:11 04 Feb 19
Andrew is the best!! always there to help our company on the fly.
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John Ortega
18:23 31 May 19
From initial consultation through installation and training, Teleco has been a pleasure to work with. A competent, knowledgeable and efficient staff works closely with you throughout the process, making what can be a complex transition effortless. We could not be happier with our install and know that we will be well supported by Teleco in the future. I highly recommend Teleco for all your telecommunications needs.
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Sabrina Ventura
20:57 13 Nov 19
A professional and friendly company. Exceeded our expectations.
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Gary D Wishnia
17:35 30 Jun 20
Andrew is on the ball. He and Teleco delivered as promised.Compared to the Voip companies, hands down a pleasure.Gary. PCBancard
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Brian Kurylo
15:45 28 Sep 20
It's been a great experience with Teleco and working with Andrew. They made our change over to our new system very easy.
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Alison Kelley
21:02 14 Oct 20
We're glad we switched! Thank you, Andrew, Tom & Jimmy!
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Nicci Hill
21:42 01 Feb 21
I’ve recommended Teleco to 3 different companies that I have worked for in the past 10 years and have never had any issues. Nothing but positive feedback from coworkers and bosses. Andrew and his team are extremely responsive and knowledgable. Plus we saved money by switching! Win win all the way around. I highly recommend them.
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April Carbonaro
15:31 31 Mar 14
I deal with Teleco at work - they are a great company. We've had their phone system for years now, and if there is a question or problem, they are on it immediately. I've never waited more than a few hours for a response. It's wonderful dealing with Andrew and Teleco.
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Melissa Kanapaux
23:51 08 May 23
Andy made the process of switching from our old landline phone system to a VOIP (which incorporates our two locations) seamless. Installation by Tom was a breeze, and everything works exactly as we would like it to. All questions we had were answered extremely promptly, and my only regret is not changing over sooner. Thanks Andy!
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Diane Ritacco
11:38 17 Sep 23
After 25 yrs we needed a phone system upgrade for the pizzeria , Teleco came to the rescue ! Thanks again 🙂
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