What are the main differences between using a telephone or a headset? There are lots of them! A headset may be an optional extra, but business owners of call centers know how valuable these slight additions can be to the daily running of their company.

  • Headsets improve productivity and freedom. They free up both of your employee hands so that they can type on the computer, search for important documents or find answers to client questions at high speed.
  • Headsets give you freedom of movement. With a handset lifter you can be completely away from your desk and still handling calls. This means you can walk and talk – answer and end calls on your own terms. Less voicemail means more productivity.
  • Headsets that are wireless give staff the power to leave their desks. It can be difficult being trapped at a desk all day. When you give your staff the flexibility to move around, they can go as far as 300 feet away from their desks, while working.
  • Less background noise. Telephones tend to pick up a lot of noise interference from ambient locations. When you use headsets, 75% of background sounds can be filtered out, which means your customers can only hear your conversation.
  • Constant call and voice quality. When you wear a headset the microphone stays in the same place and position. This means that the volume and quality of your voice does not distort during the call, as it does on your average phone.
  • Headsets improve focus. When your employees wear headsets it forces them to be completely focused on their callers, and not on what their co-workers are doing. This means that they will get through more calls a day, thanks to improved attention-span.
  • Reduces back pain and neck pain. In call center jobs, or jobs that require a lot of telephone usage, it is not uncommon for the employee to suffer from bad posture, back and neck pain as a result of answering phones all day. Headsets negate this side-effect, which is why doctors and chiropractors recommend them.

 Headsets are always sold as optional extras, when in fact they are more efficient and easy-to-use than telephones. If you have a receptionist or a cell center, then you will want to think about replacing your phones with headsets. They are better for your staff, they improve customer service and they increase productivity.