Phone System Features

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DID – Direct Inward Dial

DID, or Direct Inward Dialing, is also called DDI or Direct Dial-In, and it’s a feature that telephone service providers offer their customers for use with their PBX systems. One or more trunk lines are provided so customers can connect to PBX & a number of phone numbers are allocated to this line.

Dynamic Integrated PRI

There are two types of PRI (Primary Rate Interface) that you can get. These are static or dynamic PRI services. A static integrated PRI has pre-determined data and voice channels. A dynamic PRI however, allows for 23 channels to be used for data and voice services, on an ‘as-required’ basis.

Paging Systems

Even though pagers and paging systems are considered telephony optional equipment items, they can be indispensable to the right business model. If reliability and coverage matter more than anything else, you will want to consider a paging system in your unified communications infrastructure.


Headsets improve productivity and freedom. They free up both of your employee hands so that they can type on the computer, search for important documents or find answers to client questions at high speed.

Call Center Integration

A call center integration service helps you by giving you the power to align your daily operations management with the priorities of your business. You will be able to increase customer loyalty by resolving issues as they happen, on the first call.

Call Center Defined

A call center might conjure images of sales people phoning you for no reason, but these are telemarketers, not call center agents. In fact, an organizations call center is an extremely important location, where calls are screened, forwarded to key people or handled on site.

10 Reasons Why You Need Call Recording

If you are still wondering what purpose call recording could have in your business, then this is not the time to stop reading. The honest truth is that you SHOULD be recording your calls. It’s part of an analytics system that has transformed small companies into corporate giants.

Key Benefits of Call Recording

Businesses work hard to understand how effective their sales teams are & what kind of customer service they are providing their customers. Both of these important factors can be improved with call recording. Knowing the benefits of call recording is the first step to improving your overall service offering.