Call Recording Defined

Call recording is a service in the telecommunication niche, that is used most often by customer service agencies to monitor calls from their clients. The management usually records these calls to check on employee performance.

It is also a great way for the business to handle customer complaints, and to track orders via the telephone. Call recording software is the most typical method of getting hold of call records for business purposes.

What is Call Recording?

Unlike call accounting, call recording is used specifically to monitor, track and analyze the performance of its employees as they engage with customers telephonically. Call recording should be an important service for businesses looking for qualified performance improvements in the communications niche.

Call recording is often completely customizable, flexible and reliable – which means that you will not have to worry about trying to make it work in your business model. All great software should meet your individual needs once it has been customized by you.

Many recorded conversations can be used later for training purposes or for marketing materials. But these are not the only reasons why you would need to use call recording software. Risk management, quality control and dispute resolution are also made easier with recorded calls.

Most call recording systems are set to automatically record any and every call that comes through. This is especially true for medium and large-sized companies that are greatly concerned with customer relationship management and employee performance.

Call recording can also come in handy for your employees, and they can use it on demand if they feel like the conversation should be monitored. This can provide lawyers with evidence down the line, in case a customer has made false claims against your company.

With call recording, you should be able to steadily improve the performance of your telephonic workforce, while systematically ironing out the problems associated with control, accountability and work ethic.

Key Features of Recording Systems

All quality call recording systems come with some key features that you will need in order to execute the previously mentioned strategies. Like many systems however, the kind that you get depends on your provider and the needs of your business. If you do not have a call center for example, you may not need as many features as a company that has one.

  • Excel export of logs: Once the call logs have been compiled you can review them in PDF format, or export them into a workable Excel spread sheet.
  • Recording functionality: You will get automatic recording options and on-demand recording options, for people in your company that need to use them.
  • Detailed search: Search the call records by type, time, display information, comments, duration, user or one of the other main report categories.
  • Statistics: Get all the stats you need to make innovative decisions regarding your employees and your business policies.
  • Security: Permissions based user privileges and top notch security will keep these records from falling into the wrong hands.
  • Email records: You can email your phone records directly from the call recording software in some circumstances.
  • Active IP recording: Preserve call index information like incoming and outgoing phone numbers, time of call, search and replay, duration—when you activate the IP recording function.
  • Audio encryption: Many audio files can be encrypted to prevent unauthorized playback of the calls.
  • Call muting: Mute the call for a few moments while you check on something with another co-worker. Once mute is on, the person on the other side of the call cannot hear you – though the recording device is still on.
  • Contact visualizer: A graphical user interface that shows captured interactions graphically—which is very useful when you need to quickly identify trends or patterns of behavior within your records.
  • Customer feedback app: An app that automatically asks your caller a specific question and then records it for use in later marketing materials.

These are the main functions of call recording systems, though there are many more. A few of these include data compression, channel decoding, instant web replays, last call replays, multi-site recording and mobile phone recording. Take some time to fully understand what your call recording software can do.