300x300 - Making the Right Choice

Making the Right Choice

Before you have even decided on the right business telephone system, you will have to find a good phone system vendor to help you make those decisions. This is why choosing the best vendor is even more important than choosing the right system.

Network Cabling

The Importance of Your Cabling Infrastructure

If you ever want to make changes or additions to your data center, then you have got to focus on flexible and scalable structured cabling. Having a well-planned, organized cable strategy is crucial during the periods of installation and maintenance.

srpthumb p862 100x100 no - Evaluating Pre-Owned Equipment

Evaluating Pre-Owned Equipment

When costs are high and so are your business telephone needs, sometimes choosing a second hand system is exactly what you need to do. But this usually results in additional problems. How do you know the system is still performing at its best? This is how you need to evaluate your pre-owned equipment.

srpthumb p860 100x100 no - Choosing the Right Carrier

Choosing the Right Carrier

How do you decide which carrier is the right one for your company to use? There are a number of key indicators that you will have to run through before deciding on your permanent business phone service carrier. Here are some helpful checks to keep you looking at the right companies.

srpthumb p856 100x100 no - DID - Direct Inward Dial

DID – Direct Inward Dial

DID, or Direct Inward Dialing, is also called DDI or Direct Dial-In, and it’s a feature that telephone service providers offer their customers for use with their PBX systems. One or more trunk lines are provided so customers can connect to PBX & a number of phone numbers are allocated to this line.