Features of Call Accounting

There are many features of call accounting that would interest you. The first thing you need to know is that not all call accounting programs are alike. Some are very basic, while others are more comprehensive. You will find the SaaS or Software as a Service companies usually provide the better call accounting software for your business.

  • Call record storage: Call accounting systems can store thousands of internal calls, which you can use to track employee behavior.
  • Flexible call costing: Everything from capped call costs, customer charging rates, flag fall, and free, local, STD, and international rates are tracked and monitored. It’s entirely user configurable.
  • Direct upload: Many call accounting programs are able to use interface software to directly link with your telephony systems to upload relevant data.
  • User profile: The user profile feature links call accounting, LAN inventory, directory, and cable management functions together.
  • Tracking and billing: Call accounting software tracks and bills all calls, including local, long distance, incoming, operator assisted, internal, and international.
  • Reports: Call accounting software automatically creates reports for you based on custom formats and predefined system information. This is then sent to your email, or you will be notified of the report.
  • Auto-delete function: There is an auto-delete function that manages old call logs, which prevents the hard drive from filling up.
  • Multi user: Many call accounting programs are accessible by more than one person so that billing and analytics can be handled efficiently.
  • Password protected: The system is password protected so that none of your business data can be accessed by any staff members without the code.
  • Real-time call costing: As calls are made, the system will add the new data to a daily report that it is compiling. You will be able to see who called, when, from where, and how long they were on the phone.

If you decide to invest in some quality call accounting software, then you will not have to struggle to track and monitor employee behavior on an intrusive level. Instead, you will be able to review these reports, think about solutions and address problems —before they recur.

 Ten Reasons Why You Need Call Accounting

If you still are not convinced that call accounting is necessary for your growing business, then you will want to consider the following reasons why you need call accounting. These are just some of the reasons why business owners all over the globe decide to implement this software into their communication systems from day one.

#1: It saves you time: Tracking calls manually is very labor intensive and unnecessary. If your employees are still manually recording calls and matching them to phone bills, then you need call accounting more than ever.

#2: It saves you money: When you are able to see where the problems are, you can automatically put strategies in place to fix them. If one department is calling too much, you can put a stop to it or find out why it is happening.

 #3: Increases productivity: When employees know what is expected of them, they are able to improve in their job. Not having to manually record calls leaves more time for them to get on with things that really matter.

#4: Budget control: Telecommunication costs are one of the key areas of expense within your business. For small businesses, it matters how you control your telephone budget.

#5: Promotes innovation: When you read the reports and monitor the usage, your staff will be motivated to devise innovative ways to improve the way they interact with telephones.

#6: Improved management: Using these call reports, you will know when some employees are not calling and others are over-calling. It makes you a better manager when you know what is going on.

#7: Marketing results: See if a new promotion works by measuring how many calls you get that week against your usual numbers. Try and increase interest in certain products, and use call accounting to see if it works.

#8: Performance: If you have telephonic departments in your business, such as a call center or help line, you will be able to see if they are doing their job. If they are not meeting minimum quotas, you will know why.

#9: Employee accountability: Employees will know and understand that you track and analyze phone calls. This means they will be individually accountable for their actions. As a result, you get fewer personal calls made, call duration drops, and customer service improves.

#10: Reduction in bills: Typically, a call accounting system reduces a business’s phone bill by 10-30%. That gives you more money to invest in other areas of your business, so that you can increase sales.