Commercial On Hold Productions

Commercial on hold production is fairly unknown to small and medium businesses, but it is a great opportunity to capitalize on some free time. When a customer calls in, and the call center agent has to put them on hold, usually there is some bad music or tone playing in the background. Why not use this time to customize your on hold message and make it count?

A ‘commercial on hold’ is a customized advert that plays when your customers are waiting to be served by your call center. They usually promote, explain, inform or upsell – which helps the customer make informed purchasing decisions while they wait.

  • Customizable messages: Record anything you think your customers need to hear, to improve customer service, sales or general information sharing.
  • Productions from scratch: The best on hold productions are made by all-in-one business telephone systems suppliers. They will create a fresh, creative commercial for you that will prompt action in your customers.
  • Auto-play function: Whenever a customer is put on hold, they will be exposed to these excellent commercials, which act as audio advertising for your company.
  • Added music: Just in case you want to take a break from advertising, many commercial on hold systems come with music built-in.
  • Automated attendant: To get your callers to the right advert or call center agent, the auto-attendant will first ask them to choose their call path.
  • Optimizes exposure: In business, you need to leverage every moment to get the maximum amount of exposure possible. When your customers hear your audio commercial, they are more likely to buy from you. It is that simple!
  • Using your time wisely: It has been proven that over 70% of all business phone callers are put on hold – sometimes for over 10 minutes. This is a great opportunity to entertain them with a creative audio commercial.
  • Increased call retention: Another great side-effect of entertaining commercials, is that callers tend to stay on the phone longer. They will listen to your commercial longer than any music, so that your call center agent can eventually serve them.

On hold message preference: It has been proven that people prefer on hold messages to music or silence. Cellular Marketing Magazine reported that over 85%[1] of phone callers prefer messages to other forms of on hold distractions.


[1] Customized On Hold Messages! Click here for more information.