Paging Systems

Even though pagers and paging systems are considered telephony optional equipment items, they can be indispensable to the right business model. If reliability and coverage matter more than anything else, you will want to consider a paging system in your unified communications infrastructure.

  • The most reliable system. There is a reason why doctors use pagers and that is because they are 99.9% reliable. It uses simulcasting (radio signals) to send and receive messages, which means it works even if one or more transmitters have stopped working.
  • Paging systems are low cost. High quality pagers are low cost, when you compare them to other telephony technologies. Operators charge a fixed cost for the system, which means you do not have to pay per message. Send one million messages a day for the agreed upon set rate.
  • Very wide coverage: Where other messaging technologies fail, pagers succeed. They tend to work in areas other systems do not, like tunnels, underground, on airplanes and in hospitals.
  • No network congestion. Paging systems are ideal for emergency situations because they do not suffer from network congestion. When a major crisis is happening, other networks slow down, and messages do not get through. If your business relies on messages getting through, then pagers could work for you.
  • Paging systems can be integrated. Paging systems do not have to stand on their own, they can be integrated with other systems to become part of your unified communications infrastructure. Link them with IT systems, production lines, smoke alarms or apps.
  • Company-wide calling. With a paging system, you can call everyone at once – something you cannot do with other kinds of telephone systems. This is part of the reason why it is superb for emergency services and other companies that deal with their employees as a whole.
  • Speedy delivery. You can rely on a pager message being delivered in 5 seconds and no more than 30 seconds, every time. There is literally no delay on the message when it is sent through. It gets sent, and it arrives!

Paging systems are discreet. Great for top management teams, these paging systems are discreet and excellent for on-the-go employees. They are small and compact, and they connect you to everyone else.