PRI – Primary Rate Interface

The PRI, or Primary Rate Interface is a telephone service level that is part of the ISDN specification for carrying many data and voice transmissions between a user and their network. Put simply, PRI is one of two levels of service in ISDN. The other is BRI, or Basic Rate Interface, but this is usually used by small businesses.

PRI is used by larger companies, and the service is a proven network technology that works with your office phone system to help your company manage mass communication. DID, or Direct Inward Dialing means that all employees have their own extensions, and can have calls routed there. In this instance there is no need for an automated attendant.

There are 23 voice channels in PRI and a signaling channel in each of these circuits. This system gives you all the advantages of advanced digital calling, and is used most often as the standard telecommunications service to offices.

This PRI service includes a number of B-channels and D-channels. B-channels carry data, voice, apps and other services, while D-channels carry control and signaling information. This service is typically used by medium to large sized companies with digital PBX systems, so that they have digital access to the PSTN, or Public Switched Telephone Network.

All 23 B-channels can be reassigned and are very flexible, which means your business can use a variety of media as you need it. Video conferencing for example, is one benefit of having a PRI service as a large business.

This local exchange access service provides high speed direct digital connection to the phone line – which means that even though you are using a traditional phone line, you still have access to the latest digital telephone services.

1. Multi-channel service that supports different services on different channels

2. Local exchange access for high speed digital connections

3. Digital service integration, allowing you access to packet switch data in a single loop

If your medium or large business has a traditional PBX system, but you need to upgrade to allow for digital app and service use, then you may want to consider a PRI service. If you are a small business, you can consider the BRI service, which is the same thing only it scales to suit the needs of small businesses better than PRI services.