SIP – Session Initiation Protocol

Another top quality telephone service is SIP, or Session Initiation Protocol. This particular type of service is used for controlling multimedia communication ‘sessions’ over the internet – like voice or video chat calls. In other words, it is a signaling communications protocol that works in conjunction with Internet Protocol networks.

SIP can be used in your company by your employees to communicate across LAN, WAN or Internet networks. They connect incoming and outgoing calls over the Internet, which is far less expensive than connecting calls over an ISDN line, which is a fixed telephone connection.

When you use an advanced service like SIP, you will have access to numerous apps, including video conferencing, instant messaging, document sharing, or general audio chatting. When all of these networked apps work together, we call it unified communications—because they are all monitored or governed under one set system or service.

There are so many new and exciting benefits to using a service like SIP over other older forms of telephony services. Money savings are the most popular, because Internet calls between certain programs are free, and cost your business nothing.

In addition, calls to cell phones or other landlines via an integrated software program are much cheaper than the rates you will pay for calling on the average phone line. SIP is highly flexible and comes with a wide variety of additional services and apps that can be customized and shaped into the ideal unified communications infrastructure for your business.

SIP trunking negates the old method of having to connect with the telephone company in order to make a call. Instead, you do not need a dedicated interface like a phone line—you can simply connect via your broadband Internet connection.

The good news is that Internet lines can carry far more calls than a phone line, and congestion is rare. Using SIP you can add as many external phones as you need without having to add any physical lines into your business. This saves you time, money and hassle – especially when your business is growing rapidly.

Enjoy the increased efficiency of SIP as the single connection easily allocates bandwidth to your voice and data needs during the day. Your customer service will improve thanks to the many integrated business apps that help you serve your clients efficiently. If your business needs geographic independence, simplicity, growth and reduced costs, SIP is for you.